Friday, September 16, 2011

The Truth Our Hearts Know

-inspired by the times I've forgotten to listen to my heart-

The noble heart knows,

To stand up for what he believes in,

And is not afraid to fall defending it.

The brave heart knows,

The world is all,

And his for the taking,

But does not belong to him.

The giving heart knows,

That all he needs isn’t given,

But all he gives is needed.

The contented heart knows,

That family isn’t always who he’s born with,

But it is whom he lives, loves and shares with.

The honest heart knows,

To speak with reason, command and truth,

And the world becomes his ear,

But he knows to listen with sincerity and without judgment,

And his world becomes clear.

The keen heart knows,

To chase everything he dreams,

For life was made for dreamers,

But he takes the moments as they come,

Relishing every fleeting second,

And knows that destiny is the journey.

The careful heart knows,

To be aware of his enemies,

Giving them none of his time,

He knows that the greatest is regret,

A greater foe than fear himself,

For it persists.

The sage heart knows,

Youth is a gift that is wasted on regret,

And wisdom is a treasure that is wasted on age.

The resolute heart knows,

A battle fought alone, is never a losing battle,

For the battle is only lost if he is,

In his own fear.

The scorned heart knows,

To welcome the pain and hurt he faces,

For he knows that his wounds,

Are merely tokens of wisdom.

The inspired heart knows,

That truth is a state of mind,

He believes he is stronger than his form,

And he is,

For the truth is what he makes it out to be.

The sincere heart knows,

Love is the only mystery,

That is best left unrevealed,

For it knows no definition,

It knows no judgment,

It knows no perfection-

But in itself is nothing short of.

The patient heart knows,

There is no one way,

To view the beauty of life,

He sees the world as it is-

All the beauty that’s left of,

And what it could be-

And shapes it out as his own.

-By Isaac H. George
The Masked Man
(Copyrighted Material)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wedding Vows (All the Days of Your Life)

~inspired by early wedding planning~

I will love you,
All the days of your life.

I will kiss you goodnight,
And kiss you awake,
Yet we will never wake from this dream,
We can now call reality.
So I will kiss you,
All the days of your life.

I will hold you proudly,
In all your glorious days,
I will hold you shamelessly,
In all your subdued days,
I will hold you tightly,
So that even if you fall,
You would only fall,
More deeply in love,
With me,
So I will hold you,
All the days of your life.

I will sing to you,
Our song,
With every look across the table,
With every hug at the door,
With every wink in bed,
With every touch of my hand,
With every tear i shed,
With every silence after every fight,
I will sing to you our song,
So that we will never forget,
How we feel in this moment,
So I will sing to you,
All the days of your life.

I will tell you I love you,
Every second of everyday,
Not in words alone,
But with every smile,
In every trial,
With every laugh,
Through every trouble,
With every heartbeat,
Through every silent night,
And it would always mean the same,
Although it could never mean as much as i feel,
So I will tell you I love you,
All the days of your life.

And i will not lie or cheat,
But only to lie with you in all your nights,
And to cheat all your fears and worries about us,
And I will not leave nor give up,
But only to leave whatever insecurities in my past,
And to give up my heart to your love,
And I will not walk away,
But walk with you,
Into every dream we build together,
And every nightmare we brave together,
So long as you promise me the same,
I will be yours,
All the days of your life.

Though i cannot promise you unending joy,
Unending happiness,
Or unending ease,
I will promise you my unending effort,
At an unending possibility of these things,

I will love you,
All the days of my life,
And we will love forever,
Trump all hateful words of the world,
And live in love beautifully,
And i know you will love me,
All the days of my life.

-by Isaac H. George
The Masked Man
(Copyrighted Material)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

As Time Stood Still

~inspired by a chance meeting~

It comes at the whim of chance,
Seeking those with blind eyes,
And despaired hearts,
Promising them the unfulfilled promise,
Of perfection.

It catches you in the rarest of moments,
In your hour of tragedy,
Like a twinkle of a bright star amidst the night's taunt,
It is often missed.

But if its fleeting presence is held on to,
That star bursts,
Into a thousand wishes come true,
And you are left in its magic,
So true, the ticking hand stands still,
Time and reality lay humble to its power.

Your past, present and future,
All succumb to a mere possibility,
Of forever within a moment.

Like a flaming arrow,
Straight through your eyes,
Past your soul and into your heart,
It sets you ablaze,
Outshining the everlasting sun.

It shamelessly dances across your dull horizon,
Erasing clouds of regret and shame,
Leaving nothing but vulnerability.

It sings to you a song of hope,
Sparking within you,
An unfamiliar bravery to finish its words.

And in all of this,
You are buried in unearthed feelings,
As you find yourself floating,
You are safe in the arms of love.

It leaves you at the whim of chance,
With you unknowing,
And all that is left,
Is the memory of a perfect picture,
That you grip closely,
As you lay suspended in time.

You are left knowing,
You have found perfection in love.

-by Isaac H. George
The Masked Man
(Copyrighted Material)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

For the Promise of Angels

~inspired by the many angels in my life~

Look for me,

In the gentle calm,

As your skies seem to fall,

For I am in the rain,

And you will know,

You can weather any storm.

Look for me,

In the sheer clarity,

That comes with your tears,

For I lie within those tracks,

Bearing a promise,

And you will know,

You are not afraid to cry.

Look for me,

Within your perpetual smile,

Even when the world,

One you thought you knew,

Does not smile back,

I will,

And you will know,

You are not afraid to smile for the world.

Look for me,

In every word you say,

And every word you don’t,

In times of doubt and fear,

Cling to the strength deep within,

For there is where I’ll be,

And you will know,

You are not afraid to say what you need to.

Look for me,

Across your dark horizon,

Past the murky shadows,

And the taunting clouds,

Look for that one star of hope,

For there is where I’ll be,

And you will know,

You are not afraid to follow its light.

Look for me,

Within the flames,

That burns through your heart’s winters,

For there is where I’ll be,

And you will know,

You’re warmth will break through,

The coldness of others.

Look for me,

Within the reach of your heavens,

Across which you will soar,

With the wings of faith,

I am with you,

And you will know,

You can rise beyond what you ever thought possible.

Look for me,

On the rocky ground,

Where you will stumble and fall,

Look for your pain and hurt,

Leave them with your footprints,

For there is where I’ll be,

Lay them with me,

And you will know,

That you will fly again.

You only have to look,

For there is where I’ll be.

by Isaac H. George
The Masked Man
(Copyrighted Material)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The 5th Commandment

~inspired by the occasional contemplation of suicide~

Bless me father,

For I have sinned against you,

I killed a man,

A man I knew,

A man I loved,

But never understood.

Bless me father,

For I have sinned against you,

In his greatest hours,

Grim stillness is shattered,

By scared lips- long silent,

Aching breaths,

Blanket his final words,

I don’t want to die.

Bless me father,

For I have sinned against you,

As I stared,

Into bloodshot eyes,

Burdened by secrets,

None would understand

-Nor try to,

I stared fear in its eyes,

But as I looked closer,

I witnessed something different,

Emerging from fear,

And I recognized his expression,

Courage epitomized,

In the eyes of death.

Bless me father,

For I have sinned against you,

As the edge of a dagger,

Presses up against his chest,

He is reunited with an old friend,

One so familiar,

The heart knows its every deed,

It offers him one final prayer,

As blood and life relieves him,

Yet dripping in his blood,

Is a twist in his story,

His reflection,

Tells a man anew,

A smile of hope,

Before I do.

Bless me father,

For I have sinned against you,

I killed a man,

A man I knew,

A man I loved,

A man I never understood,


And this man stands before you,

In hopes of redemption,

And forgiveness.

Bless me father,

For I have sinned against you.

-by Isaac H. George
The Masked Man
(Copyrighted Material)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Lotus

~inspired by falling in love with your best friend~

I lay my head,

And shut my eyes,

Only to realize,

Restless nightmares,


In malicious play.

In frosty azure oceans,

I find myself,


Yet not alone,

Courage mustered,

In the liberation,

Of silenced feelings,

From iced lips.

Arms outstretched,

I clutch on,

To nothing but a flower,

As breath escapes me,

Like drifted petals,

Over unsettling waters,

I float amidst doubt,

Uncertainty-never this certain.

I open my eyes,

And I am alive,

For with a lotus,

Within folded palms,

I am safe,

Anywhere I lay my head,

O’ my life,

My life,

For a lotus.

-by Isaac H. George

The Masked Man

(Copyrighted Material)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching Stars

~inspired by loveless thoughts and starry nights~

In Cupid’s labyrinth,

He trails his way,

Through midnight’s obscurity,

His dimming glow,

Recalls the tale,

Of lovers fate.


Amidst the daunt of the night,

She takes pity,

On the trialed heart,

She shimmers,

With the blaze of a thousand suns,

For him,

Casting away shadows of doubt,

From unpromising paths,

Familiar as the setting sun.


The night ages on,

Hope grows hopeless,

The hunter wearies,

He sighs in discontent,

His crown weighing him down,

Facing lit path,

Reality finally conquers,

His enchanted mind,

For the treasure of tears,

Saw sunlit horizons in her eyes.


The night echoes with his voice,

“Beauty behold this humble heart,

For once forsaken,

This heart has found home,

In love.”


“Fair heart,

Love could never,

Sail our distance,

Of heaven and earth.”


“Star of wonder,

The heart does not abide,

To bounds of God and Man,

For Cupid’s arrow knows not of sin.”




You have conquered this star,

For my once higher grounds,

Now lays shattered at your feet,

Let it be so,

That I shall descend,

From celestial body,

And I shall be yours forever.”


Nights foretold her arrival,

Of distant travel,

Passing her sisters,

They bid farewell,

As the star falls glacially,

From her guarded throne.


But promises broken,

Stay true to man,

As he tolerates not,

The wait of time,

Or her,

The hunter is man after all.


He heads forth,

Cradling his chasing heart,

For the thirst of the hunter,

Could never be quenched,

By God,

Nor Man himself.


In his footprints,

The fallen star fades,


Reminiscent of sweet words,

Now hushed by night winds,

For love sees no future,

Beyond falling and not getting caught,

Love hath no meaning, nor beauty,

Than in the eyes of a star.


 -  By Isaac H. George

The Masked Man


Behind my mask...